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The PROFline DMR-1, our DAB MUX-RF is a low-cost DAB / DAB+ Multiplexer
with a build in RF DAB Modulator. It features 2 IP input ports for WEB streams and/or UDP (SPTS) inputs.
The unit can also drive our external DAB Modulator  DAB TX DRM-1 over IP by means of it’s internal router
You can find the DMR-1  leaflet in our document library under Service & Support on this website. Or click here.





  • Real time operation
  • DAB / DAB+
  • WEB stream input for Radio Broadcasters
  • UDP SPTS input for high Quality Low latency
  • Internal PC for local configuration
  • RF output 0 dBm and -20 dB RF test output
  • MOT and DLS(Text) input directory’s (static for UDP input)
  • MOT and DLS(Text) dynamic for WEB stream
  • Optional MOT and DLS dynamic software
  • Alarm output with relays for Signal loss and RF out of lock


PROFline DRM-1- DAB RF Modulator

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The PROFline DRM-1, our DAB MUX-RF is a low-cost DAB / DAB+ Modulator in a 1 HE housing.
It can connect to streams generated by a Profline DAB MUX RF DRM-1
This unit can be used for expanding your DAB network over an IP-network

You can find the DRM-1  leaflet in our document library under Service&Support on this website. Or click here.



• Real time operation
• DAB / DAB+
• IP stream input for connecting to the Profline DAB MUX DMR-1
• Internal configuration of the modulator settings(WEB GUI)
• RF output 0 dBm and -20 dB testpoint
• Alarm output with relays for Signal loss and RF out of lock



PLUS1 Professional FM / DAB+ rebroadcast receiver ** Live demo ** Now online **

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The PROFline PLUS1 FM and DAB+ rebroadcast receiver / monitor is “Live” accesible for demonstration purposes.

Plus1 PROF
Click here to access our online demo PLUS1 receiver.

Please use the following login credentials:

Username: user
Password: profline


Please note: The userlevel is READ-ONLY, so no settings can be changed


PROFline news

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   PROFline News 

In this newsletter we would like to update you on:
– PLUS1 EMF (Extended Measurement Function)
– PROFline repair service
– Small scale DAB transmitter

Thanks to all our customers we continue to spread PLUS1’s around the world. And we keep continuing adding new features like DAB MER, remote streaming and EMF. The MER functions indicates the signal power vs. error power. The PLUS1 streamer option is standard now with no extra cost. Enjoy remote listening by pushing a button at the GUI on your Apple, Android (and others) device! This enables full remote monitoring of your valuable audio content. The option device clock mode is added to add the manual clock mode if no network is available. This extra is also added in the WebGui.

PLUS1 EMF (Extended Measurements Function) shows CIR, BER and TII. On display and at the web GUI. We have  start delivering PLUS1-EMF for several customers. Feel free to ask for more information (whitepaper EMF functions).
A Zoom function is added for the DAB Channel Impulse Response.
Check out more information about PLUS1

PROFline repair service

In the rare event that a PROFline unit is no longer working as it should, bring it in for repair. The PROFline team can offer repair service for all legacy PROFline products. For a variety of customers we recently serviced SFD, SFP, STR en SDV’s. We do offer repair after customer approval so no surprises and you will be quoted upfront.
Our equipment is that good that we have units from 20 years old that only have had minor problems with the supply that will be renewed.
Never the less it is wise to renew your equipment on a earlier date, or send it back for a maintenance service to be sure it will work for several years again. We will renew the supply and give the unit a full service and check of all the parameters are working properly.

Small Scale DAB TX

We have promised you an update…. Currently our RF designer is developing the powerstage of our transmitter. Up to 20 Watts clean power with adequate DAB shoulder and no RF spurious is the goal. The world is changing to DAB+ and we are too. The small scale dab transmitter will be showcased soon.

We also have a DAB MUX ready that works with a normal PC and DAB MUX software, it even have a normal audio input for local insertion, the idea is that it will be a product for tunnel emergency equipment as our legacy products are used for every where in Europe

For Tunnel DAB transmission we use a low power DAB modulator that will be a part of the RF signal chain in the tunnel with all the other RF signals like FM, DAB and hand held equipment for emergency use

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Legacy equipment SALE !

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Legacy equipment on SALE!

Look at the Legacy equipment page for the currently available equipment.

Special prices as long as there is stock available!

Click here for the Legacy equipment page