PROFline DRM-1- DAB RF Modulator

PROFline DRM-1- DAB RF Modulator

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The PROFline DRM-1, our DAB MUX-RF is a low-cost DAB / DAB+ Modulator in a 1 HE housing.
It can connect to streams generated by a Profline DAB MUX RF DRM-1
This unit can be used for expanding your DAB network over an IP-network

You can find the DRM-1  leaflet in our document library under Service&Support on this website. Or click here.



• Real time operation
• DAB / DAB+
• IP stream input for connecting to the Profline DAB MUX DMR-1
• Internal configuration of the modulator settings(WEB GUI)
• RF output 0 dBm and -20 dB testpoint
• Alarm output with relays for Signal loss and RF out of lock